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liqui chalk

what is climbing chalk?

Climbing chalk is a form of magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) which can be used pure and undiluted or have a mix of other ingredients to prevent clumping and enhance or subtract from its drying properties.


MgCO3 is used in climbing chalk because of its insolubility in water due to its lattice structure. This insolubility in water is what keeps sweat and moisture away. It is the same chalk used by gymnasts and weight lifters, but it is manufactured to have a lower water content. The lower water content improves its drying abilities and can cause chalk to be more likely to be airborne.


Chalk is often used by climbers as a means to maintain a grip on the rock or holds they are climbing. Whether through drying their hands which make them less slippery or through the physical friction of dry particulates on grooved surfaces.

While the chalk’s ability to assist in climbing seems like fact, there are scientific discussion over whether or not the chalk actually lowers or raises the coefficient of friction. It is unclear the answer but, the prevailing theory for its assistance is the chalk’s the added friction when staying in a hold rather than on the move. This extra hold allows climbers to take a longer break, so their muscles feel less fatigued by the end of the climb. The climbers can hang on longer.


the variety of application methods


loose chalk

The most common application and delivery method for climbing chalk. It is stored in a drawstring bag. To apply the chalk, climbers dip their fingers into the bag and rub the chalk between their hands to evenly distribute it.


chalk ball

A chalk ball is a cloth or plastic bag made of a tight woven mesh which hold loose chalk inside it. When pressed on it secretes chalk. Chalk balls come in both refillable and non-refillable varieties.

blck chalk.jfif

block chalk

Block chalk is the least common application method for chalk. It is a solid block of chalk with some binding agents and a little more water. To apply the chalk, climbers rub their hands on the block, and rub the gathered chalk between their hands to evenly distribute it.


liquid chalk

Liquid chalk has become more popular after the pandemic. It's a mixture of chalk, alcohol, and other performance ingredients, coming in a squeeze bottle, with a range of consistencies. It's applied by squeezing a dime into the palm and rubbing hands together.

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